Being The Team Leader For My Rotation Essay

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When it comes to being a leader there are many aspects of how you lead and the process of leading that are involved when you and your group are moving towards your goal. Being the team leader for my rotation whilst learning about different aspects of being a leader really shows you first hand how what we 're learning applies in real life situations.
In my role as a leader I have learned about my tendencies as a leader. I have learned that in order for me to be an effective leader I have to express specific instructions in detail what I need each individual to do. Through this type of leadership I have seen good results in getting things done efficiently and on time.
Sometimes as a leader you have to make decisions for the team where you are taking into consideration what is best for the team, I found this to be one of my strengths as a leader. Making decisions as to where to meet, what we would be accomplishing during that meeting, as well as scheduling and paying attention to what each person 's schedule is and how to make sure everyone can meet.
Usually I am a pretty easy going person who does my best to avoid conflict and make everybody happy. But in my leadership rotation I have noticed that I am definitely more task oriented rather than focusing on keeping the relationships. And planning things out as well as keeping everyone on task are my two biggest priorities. I especially found it interesting that when I am acting in a more casual leadership style it 's…

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