Being Miss Miami Usa One Of The Most Important Jobs A Young Woman

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I consider being Miss Miami USA one of the most important jobs a young woman could have. From the day I was crowned, I took on a very public role. I became a role model to many children, not only in my community, but in my country. While having the pleasure of wearing a beautiful crown, I took part in various charity events. These events include galas and fundraisers. One of the most positive things I have done at work was attending "A prom to remember".
I was told about A prom to remember, a month before it took place. This event is a prom for children who have cancer or other serious illness. I never met anyone with cancer before and did not know what to expect. I knew about the traumatic and harmful effects that cancer had on a person. What I never knew was what kind of strength it took to fight this disease. As the day of the event approached I grew more excited to be apart of something so wonderful. Upon my arrival, at the event venue, I was introduced to the spokesperson of A prom to remember. She explained to me how these children rarely have the chance to leave their hospital rooms. Unable to enjoy life the way a healthy child would, they look forward to attending phenomenal events such as this one. The children who attended this event fight death daily yet, they remain so full of life. As we walked upstairs the spokesperson explained to me what my job would be. My job was to walk some of the children down a red carpet along with others, including celebrities. I…

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