Personal Narrative: My Mother Exposed To Different Cultures

Being separated and then exposed to different cultures can be a good or bad thing. Some people respect the difference and some are not accepting of it. My mother is a born and raised African. She moved to America at the age of 28. Compared to my mother I was born and raised in America. My mother was exposed to a majority of people who influenced her closed minded beliefs. In, America there are people from all over the world so I was exposed to many more people than her when growing up. A lot of our beliefs and ignorance is influenced by knowledge gained during childhood and what we are exposed to. Growing up and trying to figure out what you want for your future can be quite draining especially when your mother is having a hard time letting you become independent. See, my mother is use to her whole family in one household. I am not just talking about just parents and siblings, I am talking about them plus all their spouses, kids, and grandkids, …show more content…
My mother agreed with most of what I said but we disagreed on when I should move out. I wanted to move out after college but she was not with that and it made it worse because I was her only daughter. She was use to people in her household getting married and still living with one of the spouse’s parents. Being from America I thought that was absurd, that was not very normal. The crazy thing is that my mother believed she was compromising because I didn’t have to live with her while I was married. That was some BS in you asked me. After we went at it for a while she used the mother card. I did not care and I made that clear to her that I didn’t care. When I am frustrated I repeat how much I do not care just to shut the person up. My mother’s face scrunches up; I can tell she wants to hit me. I know she won’t though because of her past of being

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