Being Born Is Not A Personal Decision Essay

811 Words Oct 28th, 2015 4 Pages
The option to be born is definitely is not a personal decision, where an individual has no say in altering factors in their life. Factors like someone’s birth order can ultimately affect how someone may grow up in a certain household. Despite the actuality of siblings growing up in the same household and in most cases by the same parental forces, there is a shift in experiences where an individual can lead completely different lives compared to their sibling. As each child brings new life into a household and our new contemporary attitudes and temperament clashes with old traditional values, our birth order provides aid in the molding and internalizing character traits to influence individuality and life beyond childhood. “The Peacemaker” or more commonly known as the middle child serves a distinctive place in the family, as the ability to adapt to any situation comes more naturally compared to other siblings. There is far more of an advantage compared to other birth orders to think more critically and see situation and conflicts in both opposing perspective. In addition, generally known as the neglected child, middle children develop their own personality as fuel to combat such negligence. Even the word ‘middle’ suffers from a negative connotation where it offers no room for growth or a platform to be noticed. The ‘middle’ is usually overlooked and even sometimes not even considered when dealing with other children. The two ends of the spectrum, oldest and youngest,…

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