Being A Young Child From What I Remember Essay

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When I was a young child from what I remember is that my parents would always argue at times I would stay hiding scared or sometimes in anger but I was still 4 years old. Life was good and bad for me while I was growing up, but the good part was that I grew up knowing I was loved and cared for but the bad part was growing up with a drunken father. My dad would always come home drunk with a pack of beer in his hand we had a pretty good amount of money, he got paid well, he would just come well his pack of cigs and beer every single day. He would always yell at my sisters being strict trying to make them the best while me I would be spoiled doing mostly anything I wanted yet he never gave me lectures or stuff that can get me through life. My mother in other hands she was more loving and caring, always there for me when I had problems she would always keep me going trying to get me well in school while I always had low grades and had trouble in school. Nearly every night you would hear my dad screaming or yelling while my mom would be crying trying to talk to him pleading him to stop yelling because me and my sisters would be scared while at times I would cry and trying to calm me down because it would just make things worse. My mom had no job she would stay home clean make food and hope it would be a better day, at times she would forget to do these things and when my dad would get home she would get scared and send us outside or to our rooms knowing something bad was going to…

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