Personal Narrative: The Day I Do

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The day I said “I do” I’ve always had my whole future mapped out since I was a little girl. I would find my prince charming, graduate college, get married, get a job, and then have children. Of course the plans we have for ourselves don’t always go as planned. My husband and I met as freshman in college. After dating a few years, we realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. On May 27, 2014 I got engaged. After we got engaged we started talking about when we wanted to get married. We figured out that we both may need more time to finish our degrees. We ended up moving and transferring colleges. After getting settled in our new home and new school we decided to pick a date for the wedding. We picked September …show more content…
I remember everyone saying, “yall go fix your plate and sit down for a few minutes.” So we did and boy was that BBQ good! We had BBQ sandwiches with baked beans, and classic lays potato chips. As we ate I looked around at all the tables, they looked amazing! My husband made the center pieces and my grandmother did all of the flower arrangements. After we got through eating we took a picture underneath the sunset. That picture is one of my favorites from that day. From there we started going around and seeing all of our guests. There were some people I hadn’t seen in years, there were friends from school and church and even some of Jacobs family members that I never met before. The DJ started playing some really good music and everyone went out on the dance floor and started dancing. I remember looking at Jacob and him saying, “I wish this night would never end!” We then cut the cake and toasted champagne. We had cookies as well that were our wedding favors. We all went back to dancing and before we knew it our wedding planner said that our limo was there. I couldn’t believe that our wedding was over, it seriously went by so fast. The day I said, “I do” was the happiest and most wonderful day of my

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