Being A Teacher Is Far More Complicated Than I Ever Imagined Essay

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Being a teacher is far more complicated than I ever imagined. The long hours, loads of paper work and the high stress environment of a school system is not for the weak. Teachers are the most dedicated professionals all due to losing ourselves in the service of others. Controlling our classrooms is only one of the numerous obstacles we face daily. I have many coworkers who find themselves juggling responsibilities in high demand situations every day. We must find balance for everyone, not matter what this balance may consist of, in order to be a successful teacher and in order for our students to be successful. The school district I currently work for is the Houston School District, in the small town of Houston, Mississippi. There are high percentages of low socioeconomical status families who make up a portion of this small town and there are some from very high socioeconomical status families. In the school, we see a great mix of the two. This means that not everyone comes from poor families. However, some of those that do, seem to not function as well as others in the classroom. Many of our students enter the school setting with no background knowledge on most scenarios that we cover in the first few weeks. The children that make up most of our school system are expected to know a little about rules, guidelines or structured schedules, however, most of our students entering school have never even experienced such things. The first few weeks we have to train…

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