Being A Social Worker Has Not Always Been My First Job Choice

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Imagine for a moment you are sitting in a courtroom in a custody battle. The judge ruled for the child to stay with their mother, however you see by the look on the child’s face that a mistake was made. Taking the best interest of the child is the goal in every custody hearing. Every child deserves structure in their life and to be with people who love them. Sometimes the best thing which many times can be the hardest is for them to be separated from their parents.
On the other hand why do you want to be a social worker seems like an easy answer because I want to help people. However, more goes into that answer that is difficult to put into a few pages. I want to be a social worker because I want to be the person speaking up for the child. I want to say what a child is afraid of or does not know how to say.
Furthermore a Social Worker has not always been my first job choice. A job where helping people was its first priority was my dream job. My passion for the law made me want to explore that interest. A career as a juvenile attorney is the dream I was entering college with. Not until my internship with Safe Landing did I realize that my focus was in the wrong direction. Safe Landing is a residential program for children in crisis. This youth shelter provides immediate aid to both the child and the family in crisis. Working at the girl’s shelter, I gained fulfillment and satisfaction of the work I was undertaking.
As stated above becoming a social worker…

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