Being A Serial Killer

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Factors That Contribute to The Chances of a Specific Individual Becoming a Serial Killer.

Societies all around the globe are full of deviance. Whether it is a crime or just an immoral act, there’s always an explanation to one’s behavior. In most illegal activities, especially homicides, there is a motive, unless it is an accident. The reasons behind an intentional killing are numerous: jealousy, revenge, hate, greed, and so forth. But the means to a murder are different when it comes to serial killers. In their case, it’s more about what made them kill numerous people for years, not the reason they killed certain people. The leading factors that contribute to one becoming a serial killer are the history of child abuse, genetic defects,
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Serial killers are often confused with mass murderers, but there is a big difference between two. Mass murderers are the ones who kill three or more people at the same time, or in a short time frame. Serial killers, in contrast, kill three or more people, but throughout months or even years, usually with a certain time gap between murders. This time gap usually serves them as a “cooling off” period. Serial killers tend to have no motive to kill but the desire. Usually, they do not personally know their victims, although there is a pattern to who they kill. For example, their victims might be all young males or all women of a certain age. They might target people with a distinctive appearance (e.g. blondes, tattooed people) or individuals of a specific occupation (e.g. bartenders, teachers). They might choose a certain location they would pick up their potential victims at, or set a place where they’d kill them. Finally, some serial killers have their own rituals. Many of them rape their victims before or after killing them, others eat their victims. These characteristics of serial killings are not observed in mass …show more content…
They tend to act and speak in the way they see their parents do. Because Gacy was young, he couldn’t understand that the actions of his father were far from normal. As he grew up, his behavior clearly reflected his father’s, and the way he was raised. This, is why many serial killers might accept that what they are doing is illegal, but for them it is a completely acceptable behavior. They cannot always distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, moral from immoral. Inhumane acts reflect killers’ childhood not only in Gacy’s case, but in other serial killers’. Albert DeSalvo, Andre Crawford, Michael Ross, and many others had a traumatic childhood that led them to kill and torture numbers of people. Sometimes, development of a serial killer may start as early as during

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