Serial Killer Factors

Factors That Contribute to The Chances of a Specific Individual Becoming a Serial Killer.

Societies all around the globe are full of deviance. Whether it is a crime or just an immoral act, there’s always an explanation to one’s behavior. In most illegal activities, especially homicides, there is a motive, unless it is an accident. The reasons behind an intentional killing are numerous: jealousy, revenge, hate, greed, and so forth. But the means to a murder are different when it comes to serial killers. In their case, it’s more about what made them kill numerous people for years, not the reason they killed certain people. The leading factors that contribute to one becoming a serial killer are the history of child abuse, genetic defects,
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Having researched many serial murders in the U.S. and abroad, I noticed that most of them had traumatic childhood. Some serial killers have been abandoned by their parents at the early age, and spent their childhood moving from one foster family to another. Others have been physically and psychologically abused by their parents, and in rare cases siblings. Harold Schechter, an author of numerous true crime literature, explained how a victim of child abuse can turn into a serial killer: “Having been tortured by his earliest caretakers he will, in later life, seek to inflict torture on others, partly as a way of taking revenge, partly because he has been so psychologically warped by his experiences that he can only feel pleasure by inflicting pain-and, in the most extreme cases, only feel alive when he is causing death” …show more content…
According to FBI, there is about 25 serial killers anywhere in U.S,. that could be occurring “at any given time” (1). Hopefully, the leading factors contributing to making of a serial killer might help the scientists find a way to fight this phenomenon. As for now, it is best to ensure that every child is being raised in a safe, abuse-free environment, and is getting proper education. Finally, taking better care of mental disorder patients will make a difference. When there are known reasons for one’s behavior, it is important to use them in order to prevent future

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