Being A Religious Place - Original Writing Essay

2400 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
After I left Charter of Grapevine, I was brought the Buckner Ranch in Burnet, Texas. My parents brought me there. I was dropped off and after a little bit of time they left. The house had a huge common area with three doors on each side that lead to bedrooms for two people. There was a small kitchen, dining area, and washer and dryer. The office was in the main hallway and there was a hallway to the immediate left as you walked in that had a Master Room and another Single bedroom which was for the Dorm parents and the Dorm single adult to stay. My first impression of the place was not good. Plexiglas windows, locks on bedroom doors that sometimes worked, furniture that was broken and temp fixed to work. I was not use to a place like this let alone the people. I quickly found out that other boys were there for parole violations, family problems, and gang issues. This was supposed to be a religious place? This had everything but religion. When you were there you were classified as one of three things by the boys there, feared, coward, or neutral. I was quiet so I was viewed as neutral. I do remember there was these two black kids, one was a lot bigger than me and another one was a little. The bigger black kid hit me one time for a reason I do not remember and when he did, he hit me in the tooth that later on ended up killing the severing the roots from the tooth. I didn’t know that until 10 years later and then they removed it. I didn’t cry at all when he hit me but I did see…

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