Being A Professional Counselor And Different Behavioral Therapist

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Self Reflection Psychology 460 has been a wonderful experience with a growth in education development. This course has become an eye opener in the field of psychology with an emphasis in Christianity. I have learned plenty of different approaches and methods I did not know before. Throughout the course I have been able to learn how to identify the different methods used by a Christian counselor and different behavioral therapist. I have been able to grow tremendously throughout this course and learning about the integration of spiritual approach, counseling as a profession and most importantly myself.

Counseling as a Profession

I have learned that counseling as a profession and be a very difficult but rewarding job. The counselor makes an attempt to have a relationship with a client in order to help the client identify their goals. The counselor also helps the clients identify behaviors that could spiral out of control and change those behaviors into something positive. Being a professional counselor is about helping the client better their coping skills, communication skills and even change the way they see themselves by turning it into something positive. The key to being a professional counselor is to empower the client’s mental health in a healthy manner through a number of sessions. There are a few different counseling methods such as Individual counseling. In individual counseling the client is one on one with the client and counselor. The counselor helps the…

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