How Education Influenced Me

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Many influences led me to being the person and student I am today. Different people and experiences have had an impact on me, including family, teachers, books, and my own feelings. Education is very important and I am thankful for the lessons I have been taught. Learning and knowledge are the foundations on which a great personality, and life, can be built. Both my father Mark and mother Maxine have college degrees. They understood the importance of education and were very favorable toward it when raising my brother David and me. I grew up in a very education friendly environment. David, six years older than me, was a number of years ahead in school. I was often around to witness my parents help him with homework or talk about how to keep …show more content…
This habit continues today as I still aim to learn new things. I truly enjoy learning about some new idea or information. Learning is a passion of mine and is essential to the human experience. Remaining willfully ignorant would be a torture. To develop your personality, new ideas need to be contemplated. No good can come from the stagnation of your brain as your views can become obsolete. Some people allow themselves to be content from doing the same thing repeatedly, or remaining in the same bubble socially or mentally. This has never been the case for me, I have always felt a drive to expand my reaches and learn as much as I could. I never understood those who are comfortable keeping the same narrow viewpoint throughout their whole lives. Knowing that there is limitless information out there, but not caring to learn any of it, seems like a very small-minded …show more content…
Wasko. Some teachers coast through teaching their material, not seeming to care whether the students pick up on the information or not. Ms. Wasko was the complete opposite. She was always energetic and encouraged participation, making sure to include everyone in the activities we did. When I was in her class, learning was fun. There was a way about how she taught that was engaging and kept your attention. She made every student feel special and connected to each one in a way that some teachers cannot. Where some educators can come off as being cold and impersonal, she was passionate and warmhearted. Her personality was upbeat and energetic; while as a teacher, she seemed invested in each of her students’ futures. When I was in her class, it was very easy to stay focused because she had a talent for simplifying difficult subjects. As a college graduate, she served as an example to me, a genuinely great person who also loved education. She would read to us every day after we did the math portion of class. One specific book I remember her reading was The Witches by Roald Dahl. While reading, she was very illustrative. It was captivating to hear the descriptions and easy to visualize what was going on. While she was reading, she took time to answer questions that her students had. This experience helped shape the studying habits I have today, along with my love of reading and I was

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