Being A Nurse Is Not An Easy Route Essay

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“Are you alright?” my mother usually asks me that question whenever I get sick. Then she would touch my forehead and neck to check if I’m hot. She’d rush to our medicine cabinet and get the mercury thermometer, shakes it, and puts it in between my armpit. After two to three minutes, she’d get it and read what it says. “You’re sick, 39 degree Celsius” Mom said. Since then, I have asked my mother to teach me how to read the thermometer. Whenever there’s a family member who gets sick, it would be my turn to check their temperature, and give them their medication. Taking care of my family is always a pleasure. That is why I decided to have a career that is related to taking care of people, and I found that nurses do it. The road to be a nurse is not an easy route. As an aspiring nurse, we undergo strenuous hours of lecture, memorization, and not to forget the deprivation of sleep and attention to self. One of the most important lessons that we need to tackle in nursing is Chemistry. Through chemistry, we learn the basics on how to measure the right amount of medication, conversion of one unit to another, and how to read and take measurements.
Honestly, I cried to some of the problems that were given in mastering chemistry since I’ve been out of school for too long. The last biochemistry subject that I took was from 2009 at the university that I was enrolled in. I admit that I am a bit rusty when it comes to these problems, but biochemistry is one of my strongest subjects. It…

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