Being A Nurse Is A Wonderful Career Choice With Amazing Responsibilities

1136 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
The profession of nursing has changed from lack of sanitary to enlightening our future. Being a nurse is a wonderful career choice with amazing responsibilities. Nursing is a challenging career that allows you to become a better person. Not that nursing can or will change a person,but over the years of nursing the hospital and their way of helping you has changed a lot. In today 's time nursing has become one of the most common degrees there is.
The lack of sanitary for nurses has come to long ways.There were many of the patients in the 1900’s that were sick and continued to be sick because a lack of sanitary. Nurses uniforms were a cause of their patients to become sicker than what they were at first. Uniforms can find a lot when it comes to the nursing field. In the 1800’s if you needed a help of any kind you didn 't know if it was a nurse or a random person. Nursing required no skills nor any kind of training at that time. Until Florence Nightingale came along who thought that nurses shouldn 't just wear normal clothes. She came up with the creation of uniforms for safety. Nightingale also demanded training for nurses and hygiene for patients,not only for the patient 's safety but for themselves.The new look identified professional nurses from just a “so called nurse”. Wearing a long dress with sleeves,an apron, and a cap made it seem as a trained nurse. In today 's time, we have come to long ways with uniforms and it has enlightened our future for nursing. You are now…

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