Being A Father Figure Can Be Bad Essay

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We often hear people saying that growing up without a father figure can be bad to a child. However, I never saw it that way.

When I was a year and a half old, my father had decided to migrate to the United States, and leave his family and everything else behind him. His willingness to provide a better future for his family was far stronger than anything else.
Growing up I remember asking my mother when will he be back. At that time there was no, telephones or instant mailing system to keep a daily communication. However, there was cassettes tapes where he will record himself talking to me and my sister, he will often play and record his favorite songs. His voice always sounded strong and happy at the beginning but as we continue to listen to him, it use to get softer and sad. I can just picture him sitting at his room by himself in a complete and strange environment trying to reach to his kids by talking to a cassette player. If anyone was to see someone doing that today will definitely think that he was crazy. But I grew up listening to his recordings it was as closer as I was to get to him in years.

Time went by and my mother had to leave us to join him. I was about seven years old. She told me she was going to bring him home. Who would have thought, that he ended up staying longer than expected. It had been three years since she had left and still not sings of them planning to go back. It wasn’t until November 1998 during a phone call that my father had told me he…

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