Being A Child Growing Up Essay

1125 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
As a child growing up in California, I used to adore children who grew up in a rich family. I remember going to one of my classmate’s house once for a school project and her house was huge, her bedroom was like my living room, her clothes was arranged like the colors of a rainbow and she had her own playroom. After that day, I went home and complained to my parents about why I didn’t have a rich family like hers, why I didn’t have pretty clothes like hers and why I didn’t have my own playroom like hers. And when we go out for shopping, I would point to the things I want and most of the time my parents would say “pick one” or “no”. In my head, I would think why couldn’t you guys buy me more than one. I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of toys I had. Now looking back, I used to be very selfish for only considering what I don’t have compared to my classmates and have never considered about the children living in poor neighborhoods in California or elsewhere. I learned to respect what I have through my experiences. As I grow, I start to get a better understanding of the world we live in through media, daily news, class lectures and documentaries. Through my recent Anthropology class lecture, I came to learn that in some countries like India, Africa, Philippine and China; children were forced into child labor at the age of five through seventeen. At such a young age, some children have to deal with being abducted and forced to work, while some children are forced to work to…

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