Behavioral Response of Smokers After Quitting Essay

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I. Introduction

The use of tobacco continues to be a major cause of health problems worldwide. There is currently an estimated 1.3 billion smokers in the world, with 4.9 million people dying because of tobacco use in a year. If this trend continues, the number of deaths will increase to 10 million by the year 2020, 70% of which will be coming from countries like the Philippines. (The Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Control, WHO, 2005).
The World Health Organization released a document in 2003 entitled Policy Recommendations for Smoking Cessation and Treatment of Tobacco Dependence. This document very clearly stated that as current statistics indicate, it will not be possible to
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Eighty percent of these current smokers are daily smokers with men and women smoking an average of 11.3 and 7 sticks of cigarettes per day respectively.
The survey also revealed that among every daily smokers, 21.5% have quit smoking. Among those who smoked in the last 12 months, 47.8% made a quit attempt, 12.3% stated they used counseling and or advise as their cessation method, but only 4.5% successfully quit. Among current cigarette smokers, 60.6% stated they are interested in quitting, translating to around 10 million Filipinos needing help to quit smoking as of the moment. The above scenario dictates the great need to build the capacity of health workers to help smokers quit smoking, thus the need for the Department of Health to set up a national infrastructure to help smokers quit smoking.
The national smoking infrastructure is mandated by the Tobacco Regulations Act which orders the Department of Health to set up withdrawal clinics. As such DOH Administrative Order No. 122 s. 2003 titled The Smoking Cessation Program to support the National Tobacco Control and Healthy Lifestyle Program allowed the setting up of the National Smoking Cessation Program.
Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 different chemicals which can

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