Behavioral Leadership Theories

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Leadership and Behavioral Approach
There are many different definitions of leadership amongst researchers. In consideration of common characteristics among many definitions, leadership can be defined as a process by which an individual influences others individuals or group's behaviors to reach a common goal. (Organizational Behavior, 2015, p. 98).
In order to an individual's place of leadership to be fully identified within an organization, the proper patterns of leadership must be determined and continually practiced. It is crucial that management members should able to perceive different approaches and theories of leadership as it is imperative to all organizational behavior. The various leadership theories impart how to be a more effective leader and how to develop leader's behavior. This paper aims to analyze the behavioral approach of leadership theory and to exhibit its effectiveness within the organization.
Leadership Theories and organizational Behavior
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
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106). Behavioral theories often compare to trait theories. Trait theories state that leaders have personality traits and skills in common. Leaders are born, not made. These traits often found by studying successful leaders. The theories show what leaders do and how they behave in a particular situation (Changing Minds, n.d.).
Behavior theories claim that everybody has a potential to be a leader. Leaders are made, not born. The trait and personalities of leadership can be learned and practiced. Leaders attribute can be learned on the job within the organization. Getting professionals such as management consultant or leadership coaches from outside organization is another way to develop leadership traits or skills (Griffin, 2015). Behavioral theories focus more on behaviors of individuals’ achievement of the result.
The advantage of behavior leadership theories is to regard leadership as characteristics that any individuals can develop. When anyone can be a behavioral leader, leadership must be adequately taught (Changing Minds,
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The Ohio State Studies developed two dimensions of leadership: initiating structure and consideration that are correlated. (Organizational Behavior, 2015, p. 106). Initiate structure is referred to a task-oriented leadership style while consideration means to a people-oriented leadership style. Task-oriented leadership styles are prioritizing their behaviors on the structure of the organization by initiating, organizing, clarifying and gathering information of employee task to increase productivity. Employee’s needs or other emotional aspects are not considered to when it comes to decision-making. People-oriented leadership emphasis on the relationship between individuals in the organization by encouraging, observing, listening and mentoring to promote positive and inviting work

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