Essay on Behavioral And Social Emotional Development

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Behavioral & Social-Emotional Development in Young Children’s Classroom During Recess
Children are known to be more physically active than adults are. This can be seen while in recess as they use the playground equipment to play tag games, and play cops and robber’s game. Recess can be used to point out behavioral and social – emotional development disorders or to see if they are adjusting to the environment, and compare different behaviors between genders at young age. In a young children environment, the children do not separate into groups like older children would. Recess is a great opportunity for children to learn new ways of interacting.
Research by Webster-Stratton & Reid (2004) support that “The ability of young children to manage their emotions and behaviors and to make meaningful friendships is an important prerequisite for school readiness and academic success. Socially competent children are also more academically successful and poor social skills are a strong predictor of academic failure.
Recess is one of different times at school where children learn social interactions with their peers. During this time a teacher can see socially what types of diverse behaviors and attitudes they have naturally and spontaneously with their peers.
According to Pellegrini and Davis argued that children are naturally inclined to expend more energy, they need to have the opportunity to undergo physical activity including stretching activity (1993). Adults on the other hand can…

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