Why Do Teenagers Need Speed Demons?

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Speed Demons Imagine a teenager announces that she passed her written test and received her driver’s permit. An experienced driver’s first reaction is to tell the teenager to announce when she will be on the road so they can stay off of it. When teenagers first become participants in the driving world, they favor speed; as a result, few people trust them. Teenagers are not mature enough to take on the road at 15 ½, because of this, an increase in the minimum age required to receive a learner’s permit is necessary. Teenagers are impulsive when it comes to decision-making. A lack of impulse control is due to continued maturing in the frontal lobe of the adolescent brain (Whelan et al., 2012, p. 921). The frontal lobe is the upper front lobe of the brain where decision-making occurs. In adolescents, the decrease of grey matter or tissue in the frontal lobe impairs decision-making. This lack of grey matter heightens the impulse to feel instead of think, especially when driving a vehicle. Adolescents like the swiftness that comes from controlling a vehicle; therefore, the thrill of speed …show more content…
Nonetheless, teenagers may take the learner’s permit exam and pass, but that does not qualify them to drive. Knowing about the rules and laws of the road is completely different from understanding them. An example of this case would be a teenager approaching a 3 way stop simultaneously as another vehicle. In this case, knowing to yield to the vehicle that arrives first would not be useful. The teen must also understand that the right-of-way rules (rules of respect) require that they yield to the vehicle on their right. In this sort of incident, knowledge with a lack of understanding can result in a life-endangering incident. Although understanding is an issue, solving it is possible with the right

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