Behavior Therapy : An Effective Psychological Approach Essay

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Behavior Therapy
Behavior therapy had its beginning in the early 1900’s and was consider an official psychological approach in the late 1950’s. Many people contributed to the development of behavior therapy but some of the main key figures of the therapy were B.F. Skinner, Arnold Lazarus, and Albert Bandura. Behavior Therapy is designed to help a person recognize and understand that by eliminating bad behaviors it will help them also eliminate the way they are feeling. The methods of this approach are always a way of improvement. (Herkov, 2013). Behavior therapy can be used to treat many different things and one of them is eating disorders. This is the case of sandy Gomez.
Case Study
5 months ago my best friend Sandy was diagnosed with an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a very common eating disorder where a person has a strong desire to be think and have an even bigger fear if gaining weight. As a result people with these disorders pursue many different things in order to not gain weight and be extremely thin such as strict dieting, intense exercising and many time they force themselves to induce vomiting after every meal they consume. As sandy was in high school she was bullied for being overweight and not being as thin as society expected someone to be. As much as her family and friends will tell her that she was beautiful that just wasn’t enough and we all started to notice a dramatic change. As months passed she stopped eating the same, she…

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