Why I Want To Become A Social Worker

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I have thought of my purpose for as long as I can remember, because when I was a kid I faced many difficulties. I cannot remember a time when my parents were not fighting, or a time when my dad was there when I needed him. When I was a kid, my parents went through a messy divorce, and shortly after that, my dad disappeared from my life. He lived only twenty minutes away, but whenever I had had an event those twenty minutes may have been on another planet. My mom stayed at home for the first seven years of my life, and dropped out of community college after two years, so it was difficult for her to find a job. We never had much money, but after the divorce we were in a much worse situation. When the inevitable happened and we lost our house, my mom, brother and I would have been on the streets if it was not for my grandpa. He stepped up and took care of us financially, and gave us his house. More important than that though, he became my father. He treats me like I am his own daughter, and I have caught myself from calling him dad on more occasions than I can count. Whenever I needed him, he was there for me no matter what else …show more content…
Though my plan is to become a teacher, I have a backup plan to become a social worker. My best friend’s mom was a social worker at my school, and not only did she make a difference in my classmate’s life, but also in mine. She helped me go through my parent’s divorce, losing my home, and just letting me talk to her about whatever was on my mind. This minor would help me to make a difference in life. I could work with non-profits and in impoverished communities. If I could make someone else’s life a little easier the rewarding feeling helping can be the best thing in life, and a job like that can prove that money does not matter as much as helping others does. I will be in a community that wants to make a difference in the world and learn even more ways that I can make a

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