Becoming A Surgeon And A Researcher Essay

1951 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Research and medicine has always fascinated me. Growing up with parents who are physical therapists has nurtured my interests in the medical field and medical technology. In particular, my parents and I would watch surgical procedures together, which fostered my interests in surgery. My passion for research was cultivated through my own science project that I worked on from middle school through high school. I believe these two experiences have shaped my desires to become both a surgeon and a researcher. I plan on working as a general surgeon while also engineering medical equipment. In order to achieve these professions, I have made several goals that I plan on achieving during my undergraduate years at the University of Florida (UF). I have also made plans after I graduate. I believe these goals can set me on the right path for my chosen career. My main goal as a university student is to obtain a degree in Biological Engineering with a focus in biosystems. I plan on taking the biosystems track because it allows me to fulfill pre-medicine requirements while also providing skills that I can apply to medical school and research. With this degree, I am able to take the pre-medicine courses UF recommends, such as Microbiology and Genetics, as technical electives. Being and engineering major can set me apart from other medical school applicants because in addition to basic science courses I will also be taking engineering courses. Taking engineering courses can provide me…

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