Becoming A Registered Nurse A Student Essay

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To become a registered nurse a student must obtain either an associates or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Following earning a diploma, the student will then have to pass a standardized exam called National Council of State Boards of Nursing Licensure Exam (NCLEX), to truly become a registered nurse. Although the process of becoming a registered nurse may seem fairly simple, the workload of a nursing student can be considered demanding and difficult. The workload can be complicated because each student must obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to be prepared to educate their patients about their health and save their patient’s lives. Consequently, regardless of the college or university, it is usually very difficult to get into a nursing program without an extraordinary grade point average. Students are forced to excel in important preparation courses such as Anatomy and Physiology because it provides the students with information about the human body that is essential for a foundation within this occupation. A student within a nursing program is forced to conquer a very strict grading scale, which makes it more difficult for these students to excel without hard work. Although the process of entering the nursing field may be difficult, this field is rewarding like all occupations within the medical field because each employee contributes to improving and saving the lives of their patient’s health.
Nursing is an economically rewarding field.
The median annual wage for…

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