Essay on Becoming A Professional Marriage Counselor

1447 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Growing up, I watched many marriages and relationships fail. Unfortunately, as a child, there was not much that I could do to help. It broke my heart to see so many of the people close to me divorce and or break up. I am certain that some of the families that were torn apart chose not to seek counseling, however, I can only imagine how much it would’ve helped if they had. Even as a child I wondered if there was something that I could do to help. Today, I am able to do what I was unable to do back then. I am able to take the steps necessary to become what I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I decided to pursue my degree in Marriage and Therapy Counseling so that I can fulfill my dream to be a professional Marriage Counselor.
Many people ask me why I want to be a Marriage Counselor. I believe that forming healthy relationships and friendships are very important, and it is something that I practice daily. I honestly think that some people underestimate counseling and the benefits of it. Marriage counselors are needed simply because of the increasing number of divorces occurring in our society. I was very fortunate to have both of my parents living in the same household. I’ve witnessed all of their ups and downs but one thing that I’ve learned is that no relationship, marriage, or friendship will ever be perfect. I think that it’s very essential to understand that. I don’t have any professional experience, but I believe that counseling is my vocation and I am determined to pursue…

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