Becoming A Police Officer As A Canadian Citizen Essay

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During the course of my lifetime, many thoughts have fathomed regarding what I wanted to do as a career. Security and surveillance have always been of high interest in my life. When I was told of the Department of Homeland Security, I thought that would be where I would want to work down the line. However, I no longer desire to work for the American Government in an organization like Homeland Security. My plan and desire now is to move to Toronto and become a Canadian citizen by the time I turn thirty years old. However, before settling down in Canada I plan to move to Bradenton, Florida where my plan is to become a police officer.
To become a police officer, an applicant must have a minimum of a high school education as well as be at least twenty-one years of age. Some policing agencies are now requiring applicants to acquire some college courses related to criminal justice to begin working in the law enforcement field. Many applicants acquire the recommended college courses, prior to ever applying, which greatly increases the acceptance rate of employment. Police officers are widely known for receiving relatively low salaries. The median income for a police officer only begins around $55,000 but it 's never about the money as an officer.
For the most part, being a police officer can be an exciting job but it is not for everyone. One has to want to be a police officer in order to enjoy the career because there are many things that make being an officer a great job but…

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