Becoming A Peak Performer : Being A Lifelong Learner Essay

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Becoming a peak performer
Being a lifelong learner is an essential part of being a peak performer. At Southern Technical College (STC), College Success is a course designed to help students reach their highest potential. In this class our main goal is to achieve becoming a peak performer. I am a college student aspiring to one day become a teacher to help mold young minds. Weekly journals and numerous strategies have helped me learn about my strengths and weaknesses to better overcome any challenges along the way.

Currently I am attending STC, striving towards an associates in early childhood education. Being that I struggle with time: working 3 jobs, family, and school, it has been somewhat difficult for me to stay focused and motivated to continue on. Though I do not plan on giving up this time, I will be finishing my degree and becoming a teacher, after I plan on furthering my education and make every effort on becoming a social worker and aspire to make a difference in many young minds.

At the beginning of each chapter in our text book (Peak Performance: Success in college and beyond), we are asked to complete journal entries. Journal entries ask us to think back in time to explain and analyze situations we have been through. Reading over my entries I have learned that I have changed overtime, I have grown as a person and that even though we all encounter different situation we do get through them. I realize that there are situations that I would definitely…

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