Becoming A Marriage And Family Counselor Essay

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Work Settings
One of the counseling career choices that have really intrigued me is becoming a marriage and family counselor. This area is where I feel most drawn to and feel the most passion. I would like to become a therapist for a private practice and later on after building clientele, open my own practice. This kind of career requires an undergraduate, usually in counseling, psychology, or sociology, a Master’s degree in counseling, two years of post-graduate work that is supervised (2,000-4,000 hours worth), passing a state licensing exam and keeping up with requirements after attaining your license. ( My goal for becoming this type of counselor would be to help individuals in families better interact with each other, evaluate and resolve relationship problems, help clients go through crises like divorce or death, and help replace dysfunctional behaviors with healthy ones. I grew up in a semi dysfunctional family and it would have helped a lot to hear san outsider’s perspective and learn how to better understand different family members. Over time through trial and error, our family has a improved significantly in our communication but I feel like a therapist would have sped up the process greatly.
My next career choice would be to become a counseling/psychology teacher or professor. The requirements for this job are similar to the previous. An undergraduate, a master’s degree in psychology, and a doctorate. There are licensing and certification…

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