Beauty And Perfection Essay

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Beauty and Perfection

According to a research conducted by the Dove company, only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves (“Dove Research:The Real Truth About Beauty”.) This shows that only few girls are confident and are seeing themselves pretty. But why do these girls have such low self-esteem? Where does it come from? The media has created a high standards for what it is said to be “beautiful”the exposure to media can greatly affect people and as the image of women that the media portrays thinness and perfection create a big amount of pressure to be sexy and beautiful which can damage women’s self-esteem, disort of body image and contribute to different eating disorder.

Media plays a very
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If media continue to present these false images, many people will continue to suffer with distorted body image. If only media let normal people advertise products without all those airbrushed skin and photoshopped body consumers could know and be open with what is true. Also, if people or viewers could understand that advertisements are just attention seeker and not as the one who they need to portray then there would be less problem about negative body image. Consumers with false impression about a product and was given false hope by the media are the ones who suffer most from the society’s portrayal of “beautiful” and “perfect” body. After a person was influenced by a television advertisement, radio speech or magazine page, he/she will purchase the certain product, do certain diet or do certain workout with the high hope of seeing results same as what the model on the advertisement has said and shown. But the problem is few or none of this ever …show more content…
Some mental conditions that can happen when from trying to get of body fats and lose weight are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. According to an article, Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that generally affects women from ages fifteen to thirty-five. It is defined as self-starvation to the point of reducing body weight to the level of 15 percent below normal (“Anorexia Nervosa: An Overview”.) It is a mental disorder in which a person eats very little in order to lose great amount of weight. While one article state that, Bulimia Nervosa is considered a mental or psychiatric disorder with physical manifestations that include episodes of eating binges, followed by purging to prevent weight gain. It is also often accompanied by fasting, excessive exercise, and the misuse of diuretics, laxatives, or enemas (“Bulimia Nervosa: An Overview”.) Bulimia Nervosa is similar to anorexia nervosa but with occasional binge eating that follows up with vomiting to get rid of the food they ate, they also over exercise and take too much laxative. Both conditions are caused by mental insecurities and common in

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