Beach Descriptive Writing

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We got to the beach in no time. The sun was still high in the sky, making it more than warm enough for everyone to be looking forward to getting to the ocean. We set up camp on the higher part of the beach, close enough so that the trip down to the water wouldn’t be long and tiring but far enough away to where the tides wouldn’t hit our camps. The camps were sort of sad heaps of everything we had saved from the crashed plane and burning building.

Our little spot we had picked out was at the edge of the beach, where the tan sand gave way to green grass and tall trees. Our spot was organized, sheets laid out like a bed, bags along the sides to keep them from blowing away, pillows on top of the sheets. A genuine homemade bed on a beach, we were
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It stuck up out of the water to much to just be the water reflecting light and drawing all of us in with curiosity. We were headed toward the water anyways to cool off in the nice water so I ran ahead to see what the reflective object bobbing in the water was, leaving Emma with Sara to wait until we knew the water was fine for her two swim in. The floating object was an old glass milk bottle, like Shatto, that had its lid screwed on tight and had a piece of paper inside. When I got the bottle out of the water I tried opening it to see what the note inside said. The lid was screwed on so tightly though, probably to keep out the water so the note would stay dry, that I had a difficult time of opening it. Sara came over and tried opening it with her muscles until her brain kicked in. There were lots of rocks nearby, we could just smash the bottle against one and break it open. She carefully grabbed the note from the shattered remains of the glass bottle and unfolded the crispy sun baked paper. When she did this she found two things, one that it was not paper but bark that had been peeled off of a tree similar to the ones around us and two that it was indeed a …show more content…
Whoever sent it wrote that they were trapped on a island one that they had discovered to have many points, four to be exact. The rest of the island was fairly straight edged. They had found what looked to be an old zipline on the island but he had not found anyone else. They also wrote a little about how he ended up on the island in the first place. "I hope whoever finds this bottle will remember the crash I am about to tell you about, the one I survived by finding this island." they wrote then continued saying, "I have been stranded alone on this island for over a year now. On December 20th 2013 I boarded a plane from Europe to New York to visit my younger brother and dad for Christmas." As Sara read the note aloud I could see that Ethan had tears in his eyes and one streaking down his cheek. I didn 't know why but the story on the piece of bark we had found in an empty milk bottle had hit him hard. It could 've been because we were now stuck on an island that we knew to be abnormally shaped like a diamond or what he had vaguely told me on the way to the beach about his brother being missing and him needing to be strong for him. I didn 't really know but something about the note had saddened him. Sara continued to read the note, "My plane crashed in the middle of the ocean though I 'm not sure which one. I knew no one else on the plane and had to try to survive myself. I had already told my brother I was coming and wanted to surprise my dad,

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