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Assignment 2: LASA 2—Conflict Management Report
The workplace can be an especially stressful environment. Personal conflicts between coworkers, fear of layoffs, and heavy workloads can be causes of negative stress. This stress can be carried to our homes and after-work activities, impacting personal health. Allowing these stressors to build and intensify will only further impair the work environment. For this assignment, you are required to review a scenario regarding a woman (Kate) who has experienced negative stress stemming from her work environment. Then, you will compare your own conflict management skills and experiences against Kate’s experiences. Follow the directions below to write an 8–10-page report on conflict management.
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5. Evaluate the advice Kate received from her coworkers. 6. Referring to the conflict resolution strategies taught in this course, determine which one is best suited to resolve Kate’s conflict. Justify your position. 7. In the chart below, evaluate your conflict resolution skills from the past five years. Rate yourself on a scale from 1–5, where 1 represents low performing and 5 represents high performing.

Conflict Resolution Approach | Rate Yourself (1–5) | * Preventing the conflict | 4 | * Suppressing the conflict | 4 | * Avoiding the conflict | 3 | * Using false emotions for distracting the conflict | 5 | * Eliminating the conflict | 2 | * Accepting the conflict | 3 | * Recognizing the value of the conflict | 5 | * Encouraging interpersonal criticism | 5 | * Managing the conflict | 5 |

8. Select one conflict resolution approach in which you ranked the lowest and develop an individual improvement plan for that approach. First I will “design a behavior, consequence and emotion (BCF)” Taking ownership of managing the conflict I will not rely on any one to manage the conflict. (LUSSIER, AROGOSY )
Establishing a personal, professional and academic eliminating conflict guideline will aid me in reducing the conflict. I will write down key triggers and actions of conflicts. For

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