The Battle Of Salamis By Barry Strauss

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“The Battle of Salamis” Throughout history mankind has always been drawn to war. Whether we be fighting over land, power, or wealth it remained the same. During this era of history humanity stayed the same wanting to conqueror all they could for the sake of glory. There was one empire who was quite good at taking what they wanted and this empire was the Persian empire. The Persians seemingly took whatever they wanted and no man or country seemed poised to stop them. That is until of course they decided to once again invade and attempt to conqueror Greece. In this book written by Barry Strauss titled “The Battle of Salamis” we as readers and historians are better able to understand this naval battle and the events which led up to it.
In his
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This man’s name was Tetramnestus and he also play a significant role in Xerxes’ military. Strauss again draws a clear picture in the mind of the reader as he continues to describe in detail what these ancients may have worn. Tetramnestus Strauss states may have been Xerxes favorite king and at one point one ship from his fleet was chosen to be used while Xerxes took note of the rest of the fleet. Throughout this book Strauss makes references to an ancient historian that many historians in today’s world admire. The man that continues to get mentioned throughout this book is known as …show more content…
One man who can speak of history in a way that all Historians can admire is Barry Strauss. The battle of Salamis played a significant role on the rest of Greek and Persian history and Strauss introduces us to this battle in his own unique way. Instead of a boring text book we are graced with a work of art that time after time thrusts us into battle along side the ancient Greeks and Persians who fought so many year ago. Through his writing we are further introduced to characters such as Themistocles and Artemisia who were both brilliant strategist. “The Battle of Salamis” is a must read for those who enjoy this era of history. From his use of Characters to referencing ancient historians who took notes from those who survived the battle Strauss gives the reader a first-hand account of this battle and that is nothing to take for

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