Basketball Team Staff Needs A Change Essay

1900 Words Sep 13th, 2016 8 Pages
We, the university of St. George basketball team staff need a change. We need to get rid of the players that plague our program, in order to recruit quality athletes that will affect our program ethically more than athletically. We have dominated division IV basketball for many years, however overachieving athletes that underachieve academically, ethically and morally have been the reason for our athletic success. Our players have been punks. That is not what this outstanding university was founded on. Our motto since the schools inauguration in 1911 has been and is “Veritatem cognoscetis et veritas te liberbabit” translated from Latin: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. This profound apothegm has been at the bottom of our priority list when selecting athletes to come to our university. Instead of our remarkable motto being at the bottom, basketball championships need to be towards the bottom of our priority list when recruiting our athletes. We want good people playing basketball for SGU, not just good athletes. We need to put the “student” back in “student-athlete”. We want athletes that have high goals, and see something further than basketball for their lives. Currently, our players are high on the idea that somehow they will all reach the NBA, make millions of dollars and not worry about anything else but basketball. Frankly, our current roster needs a reality check. Or, maybe we as the basketball team staff at SGU need to recognize the need for…

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