Basketball Narrative Report

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This game was one of the biggest basketball games of the season. The gym was packed with people. We were playing Royal High School, like us they were 3-0 in conference at the time. A win would set us on top with a one game lead in the conference race. We knew that it was going to be tough because they were a fairly good team, that had a couple really good players. Yes those two players were good, but they didn’t always play clean and fair, as we knew from playing them the season before. We were still confident we could win if we shut down those two player and we played smart, as a team.
The game started, the score was back and forth us leading and then them. They put on there full court press right from the beginning, so we knew they were serious
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Royal’s biggest and best player got the steal and was taking it to the other end to try for a lay up. I sprinted back and tipped it out just before she was going up. As I ran after the ball to try and save it before it went out-of-bounds, she came up from behind and rammed me into the wall on purpose. I fell the the ground holding up my hand because it hurt so bad. She immediately ran to her bench because she knew that she just did something really stupid. The dumbest part about it was, the refs didn’t even see it because it happened so fast, so there was no foul on the play. This played ended the first half of the game.
The second half of the game was all downhill from there. The refs weren’t on our side because our coaches were all over them about what happened before. I couldn’t play, so the rest of the team had to step up and be the leaders and no one really did. We had a lot of turnovers, not very good defense and were unable to run any plays. Thankfully Royal didn’t play very good the second half either. We kept the score within four for most of the second half but couldn’t ever take the lead. We ended up losing by

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