Basic Components Of Command And Control System Essay

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A complex C2 system is an integrated combination of people, procedures, and equipment used to enhance the ability of the individual performing command and control. Actually, to control forces during an operation, a commander uses a cohesive combination of organizational structure, procedures and technical means. The nature of the load placed on an organization determines the appropriateness of a given organizational (Alberts & Hayes, 2003). In fact, each organization should have a structure that is well appropriated to the nature of the tasks to be performed as well as environmental conditions. In addition, developing command procedures is crucial in order to produce more effective decision making. Another basic component of command and control system is the technical means which are devices or processes that assist to boost the capabilities of a human being. However, circumstances may change while performing a given task or operation. Hence, a quick adaptation to new circumstances is required to achieve an effective command and control.
Forces Control means
To underline the use of organization, procedures and technical means to control forces during operations, the attack on the 507th Maintenance Company at An Nasiriyah in Iraq on March 23rd, 2003 will be discussed. The 507th Maintenance Company arrived in Kuwait from Ft. Bliss on February 20th, 2003. If we focus on the organizational side of the mission, the 507th Maintenance Company became under the operational control…

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