Baseball Is A Good Team Essays

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Most baseball players, when asked what the best compliment another player could give

them is, "That I was a good team mate." This speaks volumes for what baseball stands for. For

most people, when asked what they think baseball is all about, would say that it is about team

work. With team work comes leadership; a strong team needs a strong leader. In professional

teams, leaders come in many shapes and forms. Each individual player can be a leader in their

own regard, on top of the coach, the batting coach, the pitching coach, and so on. This is why

some feel that baseball is such a important sport in youth development. Baseball is a game which

teaches you important life skills with an emphasis on teamwork and


In order to be a successful leader and baseball player, one must be responsive and

adaptable. When someone has a baseball thrown at them at ninety to one-hundred miles per hour

in various ways, they have to learn to expect everything. One pitch a batter could be thrown a

speeding fastball, but the next they could be thrown a ninety miles per hour curveball. The best

players can hit a fastball out of the park, but are also prepared for the unexpected, with the

unexpected being curveballs, change ups, cutters, splitters, forkballs, sliders, slurves, screwballs,

changeups, and palmballs. When a player is up to bat, they are simultaneously expecting each

and every type of pitch, and are trying to ready themselves…

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