Barrel Race-Personal Narrative

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Slipping my boots on, my focus was fully on the task of getting my mare bathed and ready for the barrel race we were heading to that evening. My thoughts racing in my head as I reached for her halter and lead from the hanger on the tack room wall. I've been to barrel races so may times in the past twenty years that I should be at ease, but I'm almost more anxious now than I've ever been before. Walking toward the gate, lost in my thoughts, I'm wondering what the night ahead has in store for my partner and I. When I say "partner" I mean my horse. She is not only my partner but one of the best friends I have ever had. Her soft nicker quickly quiets my thoughts as I look up to see her walking to the gate to greet me. I can always count on her to be right there when she sees me and to greet me with that sweet nicker that brings a smile to my heart no matter how my day might be going. She lowers her head when I get closer to her letting me slip the halter over her ears. I say good morning to her, and rub my hand over her forehead before leading her out the gate and to the feed pan for her morning meal. As she's eating I begin to bathe her, making sure I don't miss any spots and that I get her mane and tale as white as possible. I hate the pungent …show more content…
Not so much about how she will perform but more on how well I've worked with her and if I've taught her what she needs to know and if it was enough for her to be ready to be at her first race. We are here for exhibition runs only tonight so I ease my thoughts by focusing on that. We are here for her to get used to the surroundings and the excitement of the barrel racing scenes. She has to get used to being around unfamiliar horses, so many new and loud noises, her first time in an indoor arena to ride, are just the beginning of the path ahead of us. With all of this in mind, I get her saddled and go to sign up for our

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