Barack Trump 's Presidential Election Essay

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Lizzie Marlow
ENG 102
21 April 2016
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Donald Trump
The audience I will be addressing is anyone interested in the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s campaign. On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced his running in the presidential election with his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Trump has a long history as an American businessman, a television host, and president of his own Trump Organization. Trump’s main focuses in his presidential campaign are tax reform, healthcare reform, and immigration reform. Everyone should support republican front-runner Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election because he is the best fit for the job. One of Trump’s top priorities for his campaign is tax reform. He proposes the idea of offering tax relief for the middle class Americans, growing the American economy, and simplifying the tax code. He wants to make sure none of this adds to America’s debt and deficit, and to expand economic growth. He also plans on eliminating the death tax, which will help a lot of families that are struggling to pay these taxes. He believes the death tax punishes family members for accomplishing the “American Dream” (“Show Your Support…”). Trump wants to let the American people keep more of their money and increase after tax wages. I agree with Trump that taxes should be equal for every American. The Democratic Party believes that the lower and middle class’ taxes should be cut but the upper class and large…

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