Barack Obama And Donald Trump Essay

1035 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Michael Obama once said, “ When they go low you go high.” In this 2016 election it feels like we all are going low and just waiting to see who is going to go high and win this presidential election. This election has become weird and bizarre for the fact that candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump tend to push each other buttons to confess things and call each other liars. They both have their own opinion and idea on how they will make society a better place for all of us , but both individuals have their own ways on making changes. In reality who is telling the truth? Which candidate will actually keep their word and make America great? It’s bizarre for the fact that once people hear “ Let’s make America great again” they tend to get crazy and start to blamed the immigrants who are actually working their hardest to move themselves and families forward. One of the running candidates wants to deport all of the immigrants for taking jobs away from others. While the other candidate wants to help immigrants and create a package for them to become citizens, so they wont have to break families apart. Stuart Rothenbery states this Presidential campaign to be “ unusual, unexpected, weird and now bizarre” which is true. You may say how this campaign is bizarre and unusual, well first of all, the Republican candidate Donald Trump who has not type of experience in the government or either in politics. The experience he has is being becoming President of his organization. Trump…

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