Banneh Clinic Center Case Study

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Banneh Clinic Center
Administrative Policy concerning Records Leaving the Facility Units

a. The medical record is the property of the clinic center. They can be accessed for patient care, education, and research. The Medical Record Services Department is in charge of the care of the patient record. The use of the record for patient care should always be given the highest attention.
a. This particular approach applies to every employee of the organization, management, contractors, student interns, and volunteers.
b. This method applies to all patient wellbeing record whether the information is in hardcopy form, softcopy or another medium. It applies to any health record, no minding the whether it is kept in
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The area of medical records should be communicated to the Medical Record Services Department always. If the record is issued to another person or moved to another area, it should be related to the Medical
Record Department by calling Extension: 6690.
This process does not affect when the chart follows the patient for a while. When reviewed, the medical records should be stored in allocated areas, so they are available whenever needed. Medical records should remain in inpatient units except by Medical Record Services personnel

d. All records must be endorsed out of by the Department of Medical Record Services. The person demanding the record and their extension should be someone enlisted in the chart locator system.

e. Failure to adhere to the policies guiding the medical record sign-out may lead to disciplinary action and ban of the privilege to sign-out records from the Medical Record Services Department.

f. The only records permitted to leave the Medical Record Services Department hours later include those that are for direct patient care. The patient should either be in the emergency room or should be admitted to an inpatient section. The Nursing Supervisor, (Patient Care Coordinator), as well as the ER Personnel, are the only staff with the right to remove records during non-working

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