Essay about Bandura 's Influence On Children

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Bandura theory said that children are affected by what they see in the world around especially by their family; when looking at the influence that parents have on their children, it is important to see that a young person will often copy what a parent is doing because they believe that what their parents are doing are the right things; transitions are important as when facing the things that can affect the family especially in the case of a family breakdown .When looking at how parents can act, it can lead to them drinking, smoking even turning away from the people that they trust, so a young person will watch the parent and pick up these habits which they may find hard to quit in the end as it is their method of coping; Bandura believed that children are highly influenced by their environment but especially by close family. It can link to a family breakdown in a way of parents slagging each other of so the child may end up turning on one of their parents which can even lead to a child beginning to resent or hate that parent under the influence of the other parent.
Bronfenbrenner had a theory similar to that of a Russian doll in which he believed that there are four layer that surrounded a child or young person, Microsystem is at the centre of a child’s social learning as it looks towards the immediate environments like their family, school even the neighbourhood and childcare environments; it will affect a child if the centre of life has begun to change as children will…

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