Bandura Theory : The Impact Of Media On Teenagers Essay

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Bandura Theory: The Impact of Media on Teenagers
Institution: Bandura Theory: The Impact of Media on Teenagers
Teen Violence, School Shootings, Cyber-Bullying, Internet Addiction, T.V. and gaming Violence & Teen Suicide: Facts, Ideas, and Actions, by Zur O
According to Zur (2010) the differences between the old generation and the young generation is based on the use of digital media. He notes that the young generation that spends most of time and activity on the Internet are the 'digital natives ' while the older generation that prefers face-to-face communication and traditional telephone calling as the 'digital immigrants '. While the younger generation is capable of multi-tasking effectively, the older generation views this capability negatively as the lack of concentration as well as focus. The older generation, he notes, maintain the traditional concepts of the importance of pursuing specific things at a time rather than at ago or simultaneously. According to 2009 statistics on how long teenagers spend online, Zur (2011) observes that an average of 20 hours each day facing a computer screen for most of the young people is on the extreme level. These young people mostly concentrate on leisure and entertainment. For instance, for the most part of the 20 hours a day, they either play online games or contact unknown people without ever the intention or the hope of ever meeting them. His article gives an explicit study of the elements of the causes of rising…

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