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Band of Brothers
E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne: From Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest

By Stephen Ambrose
ISBN 0-671-76922-7

Review by Kevin Campopiano
History 382
Prof. Schweizer

Band of Brothers is a book chronicalizing the emotions, bonds, tragedies and tactics used by Easy Company in the 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne which is one of the highest decorated companies from World War II in the United States armed forces. It is written by Stephen Ambrose, a distinguished history professor at the University of New Orleans and noted American historian and biographer.

Easy company was involved in almost every major airborne campaign in the European conflicts of World War II, Even so the book heavily covers
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However it’s not just a book on military tactics but its main recurring theme is the bond that men create during the time of war. Often throughout the book especially during times of non combat the focus turns more onto the friendships amongst the men or between officers and men. A major focus is growing friendships between Captain Winters and Lt. Nixon as well as Sgt. Guarnere, Lt. Buck Compton and Joe Toye and the sometimes tragic ends to these friendships during battle. Even during times of combat it is always refreshed in your mind about the trust and emotions between the men as almost a entire chapter is clustered around the troops being surrounded by German forces in Bastogne and the constant talking about and levels of distrust in their replacement leader Lt. Dyke.

The one argument one might make against the book cannot even be blamed on anything and that is the fact that sometimes you get too connected to the characters. Reading this book you might find yourself loving Sgt. Guarnere and Lt. Winters and hating Lt. Dyke simply on the descriptions of the person and their relationships with other people in the book. This might be a little unfair because it may cause the reader to pass judgment on a character who in any other situation might not be the same person. However this is not so much a complaint as much it is a afterthought of a extremely descriptive writing style.

It’s a shame that this book is more widely known because of its

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