Banana Supply Chain Case Study

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The information presented in the given case study also results in the reconsideration of the carbon footprint of banana and introduces the main aspects of the production of this product. According to it, there are three main environmental concerns related to bananas, their distribution and usage. These concerns are the process of transportation of the product to the markets; the production and the package. These factors have the significant impact on the carbon footprint of banana and result in the increase of the awareness related to it. Among these aspects, transportation is the main contributor to the increase of the number of emissions. Ground transportation of bananas implies shipping from the plantation to the port, delivery of the …show more content…
The ability to continue its evolution in terms of the modern conditions is crucial for every business. Sustainability is comprised of three important dimensions social, economic and environmental. The balance between all these aspects is extremely important for the further evolution and serves as the guaranty for the success. In case of our case study, the sustainability analysis is crucial in terms of the determination of the significance of the carbon footprint of the given product and its perspectives. The above-mentioned supply chain presents several problems in the sphere of the environment related to the transportation and farming. However, compared to other sectors of the industry, the banana supply chain is characterized by the much lower level of emissions combined with the great commercial significance (Berners-Lee 2010). This fact evidences the perspectives awaiting the given sector and promotes its further growth. As regards the economic dimension, the banana production provides stable incomes for its owners. For instance, the budged of Guatemala depends on the sales of the given product greatly. (Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations 2014). The production of banana is popular in various regions and does not demand complicated equipment. This fact proves the profitability of the given agricultural sector and introduces perspectives to its further evolution. Although, the social aspect of the given industry also proves its high level of the sustainability. A number of investigations admit the essential role of a banana in the diet of a common individual. Usually, a person eats from 1 to 3 banana per week (Bananas n.d.). The nutrition specialists underline the positive elements contained in a banana and insist on its regular usage. These facts evidence the essential role banana play in the modern society and diet of a person. Additionally,

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