Panama Hats Essay

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Panama hat is one of the most popular hats from the past till now. Panama hats are in light color, lightweight and breathable. People usually wear it in summer. These hats were hand woven from the plaited leaves of the Carludovica palmata plant. From its raw material, the hat is considered as a green product. In this essay, I will use Pachacuti as a case to study different aspects of Panama hat since Pachacuti is a British company and a global fair trade brand best known for Panama and felt hats.

Objectives and expected outcomes
The objectives of this essay are to study the history of Panama hats and the potential environmental impact of its production and consumption process as well as the disposal of the designed objects. First, I will collect some information about the history of Panama hat, which helps me to further understand its development later. After that, I believe that I can deepen my understanding about how the fashion industry related to the environment. Also, the analysis part can also enhance my knowledge about the life cycle about a specific item.

Historical background
From the early 1600s to mid-1600s, hat weaving was once a cottage industry all along the Ecuadorian coast and the industry grew steadily in Ecuador from 17 century to 18 century. In the
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Pachacuti complies with the requirements of all apropos environmental statute, approbated codes of practice and international pacts. Pachacuti supply all raw materials and elements involved in their supply chain with the objective of guarantee that they are as local, moral and sustainable as possible. Pachacuti confirm the sustainability and moral policy of all suppliers of their raw materials. Most of the raw material comes from a community-owned, organic plantation, which facilitates

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