Essay on Ban Of Tobacco Advertisements By The Government Of India

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A big challenge and problem that a manager faces is ethics. Ethical issues are everywhere and in every type of company. A manager, is a leader and the head of a company or organization, therefore its somebody that needs to be a role model. Focusing in the ethical challenges managers faces, we want to highlight the case, Ban of Tobacco Ads by the Government of India.
Nowadays, governments from many countries have impose the ban on prejudicial products for public health. Countries like Canada, Norway, and Finland among others have taken a step towards this ban to protect their citizens. It is really important to understand this issue because there is a lack of knowledge about who it actually affects and benefits. In this opportunity, we want to analyze the Ban of Tobacco Ads by the Government of India, a move to protect its citizens, and not the way people think, to take control over them. Smoking is a major trend around the world, especially among young people, documents from the United States estimate that “tomorrow-business” was comprehended by 14-24 year olds. For this reason, I believe that the GOI wants to take care of the health of the citizens. When someone smokes, it not only affects the smoker, but the second hand smoker as well. However, if we take a deeper look at this matter, a big argument could be the investment that a country could be force to make if this population are addicted to smoke. Several studies done by countries, organizations and private…

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