Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Dilemma of an Organizational Leader
Ethics has been defined as the moral principles of the people or group living together, and it plays an important role while you make the decision. The majority of times, people make decisions based on their moral and ethical understanding but sometimes it gives them a tough time. It happens because ethics mean different things to different people; therefore, few problems arise when you try to make an ethical decision, especially when you are a leader. According to Diestler, a value is defined as “beliefs, ideals, or principles that are considered worthy and held in high regard” (39). For some people, the law is the base of their moral values but I am among those who find their religious and spiritual
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Making ethical decisions tend to be a goal for the leaders because they aim at the betterment of their organization and business. The true character of the leader is tested when he makes decisions solely based on the ethics and morality because it is very easy to make an unethical decision but need some courage to make some ethical decisions; hence, the ethical decisions are made through the moral principles. So we can say that ethics play a major role in the decision making. I will call myself a passionate and dedicated person, who sometimes when things are not going as I want them to, might behave disrespectful. The loudness of my voice and my tone makes others feel disrespectful. Personally, I feel it unethical to disrespecting others. However, at one point I feel that it is “burning passion for my business,” and on the other hand, I feel this excuse is unacceptable. Being a leader of the organization, I need to be very respectful and concerning towards feelings of others. While, at one point, I made excuses for my “lashing out” but considering it my “burning passion for the organization,” the old man was poor and needy person so he had joined …show more content…
These values help us to ensure that our decisions are best and well-rounded. I have alluded the role of the respect in the life of a leader towards his employees. It is only my ethics which guides me to be respectful towards others. On the other hand, I aimed to be honest and transparent while making my decision. I have denied to my bossy attitude, and have decided to ask for help, open to feedback, and share my reasoning with other when I make decisions. I try to keep in mind the needs and circumstances of the people around in whenever I go to make a decision; for instance, my organization is a demanding organization to I keep in mind other aspects of our member’s lives. I ensure that everyone is fair and honest in the decisions they make. In relation to personal ethics, communication is key because ethical standards differ for person to person. Therefore, simply share with others my values and personal ethics through my actions. If my decisions will reflect my ethical beliefs, then people can recognize my morality and ethics. As a leader, an ethical decision making is important to me. I play a part in establishing what is considered right and wrong which are based on my actions and decisions. I hope I can practice my ethical values to become an example for others. In my opinion, as we say “actions speak louder than words”

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