Bajaj Company Case Study

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When a company is introducing a new product to a particular country, there is a growing demand for that product as it is a new product to that particular market. But after some time, when the demand increases resulting a growth in sales it stops at a certain point. Then it starts to decrease as a result of the excess supply level. When the demand goes down, it stops at a certain established level. From there the manufacturer can start to launch programs to develop the product and expand the sales. For example when Smack is first introduced to sri lankan market their sales volume increased rapidly as it was a fresh product to the market. And once it became the top soft drink in the sri lankan market. But after some time,
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The newly appointed government imposed high taxes on imported bikes. As a result of that Bajaj bike prices were increased rapidly resulting a downfall in sales. To minimize this damage Bajaj company used few strategies by introducing new loan systems in corporation with government and private banks and other financial institutions. Furthermore they developed a skillful marketing campaign island wide. These methods helped them to increase their sales in a considerable amount. Moreover I suggest Bajaj company should develop their payment system by introducing easy payment options such as installment payment method .That will attract more customers towards their product. And also they can introduce less capacity bikes as a substitute for their most demanded bikes. For example, Bajaj can introduce 120 cc bikes with the same options as 150 cc discovery …show more content…
Competition in the market shows how Bajaj company carries out their operations and how they achieve their target market. Regarding this factor Bajaj has decided to improve their promotion campaign by sponsoring certain big events such as sports events (motor shows and racing events). However according to my point of view there should be a well-organized plan to achieve this challenge fast. And they should use innovative technologies to all fields of their company. That will help them to develop the production speed and marketing plans. Moreover after sales service is one of the major methods that Bajaj can implement to attract more customers. They can develop this method with innovative trends and skillful planning. All these methods will help them to survive as an multinational developed company in the business

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