Case Study Of Mohammed Barwani Holding Company L. C.

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1. Mohammed Barwani Holding Company L.L.C
MB Holding was created by Dr. Mohammed Al-Barwani as a multinational organization, where its subsidiaries are spread worldwide. In 1982 when the company established it was known as MB Trading. As a pioneering leader in the market after a decade in 1992 Mohammed Barwani Petroleum Services was founded and so in this short term of successes it became one of the largest growing oil field services company. (MB Holding Company L.L.C, 2013) As they became pioneers in manufacturing oil and gas this lead them to trade and invest globally throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
The Holding companies’ subsidiaries main activities are drilling and oilfield services, exploration and production of oil and
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In addition, to that the culture and beliefs have had an effect were fraud and usury are forbidden in Islamic shari’aa and so they have developed a strong policy against these crimes. Moreover, over the years Oman has developed drastically which changed the lifestyles of many locals. This had an impact where salaries had to be raised to accommodate with the current lifestyles of the residents and nationals. Next, to co-op with the current situations where the population is dominated by the ages of 20 to 45 this had an affect that there is an abundance of employees in the labor market that can be used to their …show more content…
Next, Saudi is world’s leading oil manufacturer and exporter and the oil minister of Saudi Arabia has this to say "The increase in production depends on ... the demand of the customers. We meet our customers' demand, there is no longer a limit to production, as long as there is demand, and we have the ability to meet demand,"(Naimi, 2015) (Reem Shamseddine, 2015) whilst in Oman their gas exports are further more than Saudi. However, MBPS Saudi is exporting to other regions in the world, where the Omani branch exports to a governmental agency Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).
In terms of Market size the Companies branches are equivalent as they operate as one but, if we are to compare the Saudi branch will outweigh the Omani branch by many leagues. As the Saudi crude oil is the top exported oil in the world and Saudi has the leading market. In addition, they are willing to meet their customers’ demands as mentioned by the Oil

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