Summary: Sweety Come Brush Me Sugar Cane Juice

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The goal of any business organisation is to expand in terms of increased sales, production, profit margins and other elements critical to the lifespan of the business. In this regard, it is notable that businesses are always strategizing on their next expansion strategies. Grace Kennedy’s (GK) focus is anchored on Sweety Come Brush Me Sugar Cane Juice, a newly developed product. It is thus inherent on the marketing team to implement the best growth strategy, Product development in order to expand the performance of the business. According to Trott (2008), “Product Development is the development of an innovative product or redesigning an old product by adding value, to win market share.” Despite this strategy proven to be effective, there are constraints that can surface and negatively impact the business. However, upon identifying these constraints from a SWOT Analysis or Pestle Analysis, the team must apply or prepare contingency plan to counteract or prevent these emerging themes. They are as followed:
Environmental Factors
Globalization, Political and Economic Factors
Health and Safety

Environmental Factors
Depending on the demand of Cool Sugar Cane Juice, Grace Kennedy may rely heavily on Appleton Estate to supply the most important raw material, sugar cane. In order to meet the demand, there
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There are the popular sodas (Pepsi, D&G), and natural juices (green juice, cranberry juices, fruit juices). However sugar cane juice has its own natural and unique benefits that clients look for to elevate their health. It’s rich in vitamins, protein, natural fibers and other important body nutrients. Moreover, seventy two percent (72%) of the world’s consumers are becoming more conscious and precocious when it comes to their health. This has been proven from scientific research supported by World Health organization and conducted by Good Health Company conducted February

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